Lover Fire 4pcs All you need Anal Toy Combo Kit

This four piece kit can be seen as a solid starting point for anal play. There are three butt plugs as well as one set of anal beads.

The smallest of the butt plugs is great for beginners. It inserts easily, and the small neck prevents it from slipping out. It is about 3 inches in total, so there is 2 inches that is insertable. Since it is small and non-threatening this is great for the beginner. It has an extra wide base for comfort, flexible, soft with no seams. It is easy to get used to and easy to put in and out.

The next largest one is a different material. It is a lot sticker to the touch, and collects dust when left out. This is annoying since you have to wash it before and after any use to make sure that it is clean. It measures at just under 4 inches long and is quite thin. It also has a suction cup on the back to attach to walls etc, but does not stay very well at all. It is also great for beginners, even though it does look more intimidating. You can feel it more while inside you, allowing for beginners to get used to the sensation.

The largest of the butt plugs as a tunnel for a vibrator to be inserted. It measures just under 4 inches as well, but is a lot wider due to the space for the vibrator. It is for the more advanced, although not as intimidating for beginners as it looks. When inserted with the vibrator (not included) it provides an intense vibrations all over, and a really good time. The only downside of this one is due to the large neck for holding the vibrator, and the lack of a large bulb as well it slips out very easily, requiring constant attention. This is fine, but would not work well if you (or your partner) are not focusing on it at all times.

The anal beads seem to be pretty standard. They have a good progression of size and are surprisingly easy to take as well as remove. Definitely a good time, although can be intimidating at first sight.

Overall they are easy to care for and wash and are a great set to try out anal play. If you are unsure if anal play is for you I would recommend this set as it provides a well rounded set to give you the idea if this is for you or not. Also note that from the amazon link there is no way to choose colour preferences and you will receive which are colours are in stock.

Experience level: Beginner-intermediate
Ease of use: 4/5
Ease of care: 4/5
Sensation: 3/5
Overall for the set: 4/5

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